About the Corporation

We are happy to invite you to join one of the largest group of recyclers in Canada now starting in Québec; the Corporation des Recycleurs de véhicules motorisés du Québec, (Corporation of Recyclers of Motorized Véhicles of Québec) the CRVMQ.

This new and unique corporation's goal is to unite all 426 recycling and dealing-recycling licence owners working in the motorized vehicles recyling business in Quebec by giving them the opportunity to advance and design our industry by optimizing its image and notoriety. Although our industry has been around for more than a century, it has never known so many changes as it has in the last years and they don't even compare to the challenges that lie ahead; the economical challenges with the fluctuation of metal prices or the environmental challenges pushing the limits of our capacity to innovate. Facing them alone, these challenges may seem insurmontable but united, everything becomes accessible and possible.

The next steps will be for us to receive your registration by email so we may create an official members' list. Fill your application today, it's free with no obligation and you may cancel at anytime. Every recycler who joins will receive email newsletters with the most updated information on the CRVMQ. It will be the only means of communication for the moment.

Action puts us in the future, inaction is not an option in the present competitive market. All together, lets build a meaningful future!

We thank you for accepting this invitation and sending your completed form by email, fax or mail. (You will find a downloadable form at the bottom of this page.) This way you can become a CRVMQ member and receive your member certificate.

Please accept, dear recycler, our most sincere salutations,

Pierre Robitaille, president.
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Join one of the largest group of recyclers in Canada and contribute to the growth of our industry.